Why Should I Be Concerned?

Radon Gas is considered to be a Class A Carcinogen, which means that it is a pollutant that has been studied sufficiently to determine that it has the potential to cause cancer in people. While Radon Gas can be found outdoors, it is able to dissipate quickly and will only be present in low concentrations. Radon is a heavy gas that tends to accumulate in enclosed spaces such as foundations or poorly ventilated homes, and as such exposure only becomes dangerous when the Radon Gas accumulates and becomes concentrated inside your home.

Myths About Radon

Radon Gas in your home has become a widely discussed issue by the public, and as such several myths have been developed. It is important to understand the facts behind Radon Gas exposure so that public awareness remains positive, and appropriate actions for measurement and remediation can be taken effectively. The video to the left presents some of these myths and sheds light on the facts behind them.