Here is a sample course agenda from an approved education sponsor for the Inspector Nation Certified Radon Inspector Certification.  An approved course will thoroughly cover each of these topic areas, with a focus on applications to home inspection.  This is the main advantage and differentiating factor in becoming an Inspector Nation Certified Radon Inspector, the knowledge you have gained in the field is tailor-made for the home inspector.  Our focus is the home inspector, because we are home inspectors. Check this page for regular updates as we launch the Inspector Nation Radon Mitigator Certification

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Educators Only Information
If you are interested in becoming an education sponsor, then click Contact Us in the top right of the page to request an application.
An education sponsor applicant will be required to submit the following for review:
  • full content of your course, including all hand-outs
  • a sample course agenda
  • the full CV of your lead instructor
    • required for the instructor to have at least five years of experience teaching in the field
    • required for the instructor to hold at least a 4-year engineering or engineering science degree
    • required for the instructor to submit a one hour video of them instructing a classroom of no less than 5 students within the last 2 years
  • Course Review Application Fee: $1000.00
Upon approval, you will be listed as an approved education sponsor, and will be able to provide training for students seeking to obtain the Inspector Nation Radon Inspector Certification.


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